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Interview with Mr. Divyesh Shah – 15 times MDRT, 4 times COT

Mr. Divyesh Shah

1. Since when you are there in this industry?

I have completed my 25 years in thiDSC_0081(1)s field. I have celebrated this special moment with Deepakbhai and entire division office and central office people were there with me on that special day.

2.  What inspired you to become an insurance agent?

My uncle inspired me to become an insurance agent. He was an insurance agent earlier and now he is teaching LIC agents in Gujarat. He saw some talent in me and insisted me to get into this profession. He has been supporting me since then. I gave a special invitation to him on my silver jubilee celebration. Peter Dsouza was my Development Officer unfortunately he is no more to share this happy moment with me.

3.       How was your life before becoming an insurance agent and life after becoming an insurance agent?

My pockets were empty before becoming an agent. I had no money to buy even a second hand cycle! I have changed many jobs before becoming an insurance agent. First I started with a business of printing, then I went into wholesale marketing, and then did business in jewellery, after that in diamond business. Later I had also started a business in selling readymade clothing shop which belonged to my uncle who later sold the shop. After getting married I had also run shop of readymade garments of ladies like Punjabi suits with my wife. So I have experience in retail too. Later when I became an insurance agent my life transformed completely. After using a secondhand cycle, I got second hand scooter, then a new scooter, now I have 2BHK flat of 1,000sq feet in a beautiful location in Borivali. I already have a one 300 sq feet office right now & Last week I bought a new office of 1 Crore. I would like to add that the people who were there with me in all the businesses which I have done are my clients today! I have taken complete advantage of my good relations with these people. I have never spoiled my relations with anybody and today I am reaping good fruits from it.

4. Achievements

I have done my MDRT 15 times & COT 4 times. My entire success goes to IIOE. I joined IIOE in the year 2007. Before that I used to do only MDRT from 2001 to 2007 continuously but was unable to do MDRT in my both the agencies i.e. my agency and my wife’s agency. But after joining IIOE in 2007 in the first year itself I did my MDRT in both the agencies. Later I did double MDRT in my agency and MDRT in my wife’s agency. Later I did COT in my agency and MDRT in my wife’s agency and I have continued this till today thanks to IIOE! Very soon I will do a silver jubilee in COT and MDRT too!

5.       How is your schedule for the day?

I come to office at 9 and till 12 I am in the office. After noon I have my lunch at home and later I have my meetings till 6. After that I come home till 6 – 6.30 and then again go to my office at 7 or 7.30 then have some more meetings. I don’t come home before 10 o’clock. I have meetings till 10 incase I don’t have any meetings then I sit in the office till 10. Yes, there are exceptions when I have to give my time for my family. I also take time to go for a movie with them and cancel all my meetings scheduled in the evening.

6.       What you do for maintaining your health?

Every morning I get up at 5.30 and have 3 glass of water with lemon and pinch of salt. This is my biggest secret of good health which I am revealing to you. I also do suryanamaskar in morning. Every suryanamaskar has 12 postures. I do 5 avritis every day. In addition I also go for a morning walk.

7.       Any special sale you would like to share with us?

I remember my client whom I know since 1996. I remember in the year 1999 I went to visit this client. He had a son who was just 3 years old. He was just learning to speak in his tender age. I saw that he was asking for money from his mother. He took money from his mother and kept those coins in his small piggy bank. His mother asked him “Beta, what would you do with this money?”Very innocently he said, “Mamma, I’ll give this money to Divyesh uncle and he will multiply my money!” That moment was a greatest achievement of my life. A 3 year old kid learning about investment from me in such a tender age was my greatest achievement. The biggest policy I have till date is from this family. This client of mine is paying premium of 50 lakhs per annum. His name is Rakesh Sarang son of Lalan Sarang (Marathi movie actress). One of the highest rated TRP show in Marathi ‘Fubai Fu’ is my client. I have sold 5 crore policy to him within seconds. I just told him that “Sir, I recently received premium for 3 Crore policy, so I think you can do better, why not 5 crore?” without asking a word about how much premium he has to pay he only said, “Just do it!”. This sale is the subject of Advance course, i.e Ego. Thanks to Mr. Mukesh Joshi and Mr. Deepak Joshi.

8.       How do you maintain your work life balance?

My family is very happy with me. I take time out of my schedule whenever they need me. After every 3 to 4 months I take a break of 10 days. I recently had a trip to Hyderabad and Rishikesh. I never cancel my trips even in the month of March. I don’t believe in doing business only in month of March. Last time I just vanished on March 23till 4th April. I believe that when I want business it will definitely come. I need not wait for 31st March to come. After all whatever we think and perceive in our mind is what happens to us. If you think you can do it, you will definitely do it. The same is true when you think you can’t, you will definitely not do it!

9.       What message would you like to give to our fellow insurance fraternity?

I just want to say to all my insurance fraternity that whatever you learn from IIOE you implement it within 72 hours and practice it for 21 days. I have learnt this rule in commitment course, it is called 72/21 rule. It means that if you have learnt something you must implement it within 72 hours and practice it for at least 21 days. I went to Hong Kong, Singapore & many other parts of the world I got up at 5.30 because it has become my habit which I had practiced for 21 days from its inception. If you do not implement the thing you have learnt within 72 hours you are in a position to forget everything you have learnt, your time & efforts go in vain. Continuous learning and its implementation in our day to day activities is an essence of successful life.


3 comments on “Interview with Mr. Divyesh Shah – 15 times MDRT, 4 times COT

  1. haresh jariwala
    February 19, 2013

    nice,you are over guru.jariwalaharesh@yahoo.in


  2. Rajmohan Shah
    March 2, 2013

    Indeed its a success story of an Entrepreneur!!


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