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14 Effective tips to increase your blog traffic

After reading our previous article about how to start your blog, I imagine you are longing to get fast on one of your own blog. When you start your own blog don’t expect your blog to receive hundred likes or subscription in one day. To let people know about your blog you need to do something which keeps them hooked to your blog. Following are some tips which can help you to increase your blog traffic
1. Create curiosity with Headline

As per a research 80% people read the headline and only 20% read the entire blog till the last word. If readers don’t find the headline attractive then there is hardly any chance that they would read your article. Your headline must be short and sweet. Use your words wisely please! Your words should create curiosity to continue reading the blog.
You can attract people to your blog or website only when people realise that you have something helpful providing some solutions to their problems. Phrases like “10 ways of xxxx”, “Eight must-have XXXs” and “How XXX can grow your business” will increase your chances of getting people to read on.
2. Update regularly.

Keep your blog updated and fresh. If you find something important going on in insurance industry which can be helpful for your clients then get it on your blog as soon as possible. Before you start posting on your blog keep at least 15 to 20 articles ready and post one article everyday or alternate days to get more traffic. This will help the readers to have new information every time they visit your blog.
3. Keep it bold and Break it

Keep the headline font bold and font size larger than content text. Use bullet points wherever possible to make it easier to read. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! also tend to reward the occasional bolding of keywords.
4. Develop a series

If you have a longer article of say 10,000 to 12000 words. Break it into part1, part2, part3 as per the content. If your part1 is really worth reading and helpful the reader would be curious to reader the next part. They would start following your blog soon.

5. Simple Language

Use simple language as if you are having a conversation with the readers. Avoid using insurance jargons. If people have to think too hard about what you mean, you’ve lost them.
6. Six Ws

How to get the readers hooked to your blog? If you provide information which they need, they would continue to read. To make your article most comprehensive remember the “6 Ws”: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.
7. Be controversial

You can have some controversial topics. People like to be challenged and so would read the blog till the end to know what you have to say. But, make sure you sufficiently justify your view or else you will lose it.
8. Create a FAQ page

Your clients generally have some ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)’. Ask your telesales people to note down the questions they get from your clients. Try to answer all the questions and post it on your blog. You can also give a list of insurance jargons and their meanings in simple language.

9. Link sites

Make use of links wherever possible. Linking your previous blog post to the updated post can also be helpful. It can help you to stick the reader for more time on your website. You can also link some words to other relevant sites. Search engine like such sites which link to other sites.
10. Images and video

Use fresh and relevant images and videos which would make your blog more attractive and easier to read. If you have accounts in ‘Pinterest’ or ‘Instagram’ you can also link your images to these accounts.
11. Encourage some debate

You can ask some questions at the end of your post to encourage the readers to respond or at least give some feedback. Watch out for spam comments at the end of your blog.
12. Be patient

It takes time to get noticed and build up a loyal following but the rewards will come.
13. Social media buttons

Make social media buttons visible (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, etc.) on your blog and tweet and share your blog to spread it. Tweet your older posts as well as your new ones. Who knows? If you follow the points above then sooner or later you may even have a nice new band of followers who’d like to read them as well!
14. Guest Authors

If you not so comfortable with writing, you can also invite your friends as guest authors to write on your blog. Check out for Admin settings to invite the guest authors. You need to provide the email id of the author. Your blogging site would send a mail requesting your friend to become the guest author for your blog.
Check out other popular blogs and find out how they keep their readers hooked to their blogs. The online world is full of knowledge. Try to manifest it for yourself and make the most out of it. Also check out our IIOE’s new blog to get an idea http://www.iioe.wordpress.com


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