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Talk to people, not to their designation

by Amit Kothari, Managing Director – IOE.

What comes to your mind when I ask you to approach a Director or CXO of 1000 Cr worth Turnover Company?
“Oh! Director of a huge company!! You need guts to talk with such Richie rich! I can’t…” Or
No…No. How can I approach him? I don’t have enough knowledge and confidence…”
Or “It’s just a waste of time… He will not entertain a mediocre agent like me!”
You’ll come up with various such reasons, won’t you?

Talk to people, not to their designation
Understand that whatever post or designation these Richie’s have, at the end of the day they are human beings like you and me. They eat the same way; they speak the same language (They come back to Hindi after some time! Believe me!) Look at Deepak Bhai (Mr. Deepak Joshi) he is the Founder President of IOE or Mukesh Bhai (Mr. Mukesh Joshi) the Chairman of IOE, or look at me, Managing Director of IOE. Do you ever hesitate to talk with us? No. Because you know that whatever the designation may be, at the end of the day we all are like you!
So, whenever you talk with any of our leaders or directors you never talk with our designation, you talk with the human beings the reason why you can talk freely without any hesitancies.
I remember, once I heard a short story about Dhirubhai Ambani. Hope you know that he had collected the initial finance from his village! One old lady from this village once asked him, “Beta, how do you calculate these Crores of rupees?” on which he gave a very beautiful answer. He said, “Maa ji, it’s very simple. I remove all the zeros from behind and only keep the first few digits and then calculate.”

                                                About Amit Kothari

Amit KothariManaging Director, IOE
Amit Kothari is a qualified MDRT (USA) insurance agent and a motivational speaker. He has an extraordinary talent of perfectly blending enthusiasm and humour with marvellous motivational concepts to deliver a high content message that empowers insurance professionals to achieve extraordinary results! Trained more than 25000 insurance professionals and addressed more than 100000 insurance professionals all over India. Completely transformed the way insurance agents manage their businesses at the Corporate Level through his amazing ‘Corporate Course’.

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